Thursday, 11 February 2016

Our Unique Hands

Cultural Diversity

This week our Homefun was to explore our unique hands. What did you notice about your hands? What did you notice about your family members hands?

We used our hands this week as a way to investigate our own unique cultures. What do you do with your hands that is unique to your culture? We found out that different cultures use their hands for dance, prayer, decorate, to eat with, sing with, clap with and the list goes on.

Here are some photos from our students hands... Aren't they beautiful? We all shared our wonderful home fun tasks with our buddies and we learnt lots.

We are a very multicultural class, it is awesome!

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  1. Hamish hand print is cool and same as Lekah's one. I learned cultures of different countries. By Vishnu

  2. Miss Glen is nice and she teaches us fun stuff. My favourite part was my hand print.

  3. This homefun was fun. I liked showing everyone where I come from.

  4. Amazing, colourful hands Room 14.Amazing hand print Amelia. I loved your lovely blue colour.

  5. thats so cool i love it