Thursday, 3 March 2016

We are all different but the same!

Today in Room 14 we spent time identifying the different cultures in our classroom and what made us unique or special.

I took some photos of a few of our students who have very distinct features that are unique to their cultural/ethnicity. It was so neat to see all of Room 14 crowding around the images to have a look at the differences in our facial features. 

When put together like the images below, it allowed us to look at our unique faces and how each cultural is different. It was quite a powerful mini lesson and made for some interesting discussions, but we all realised that we are all different but the same!

Thank you to Keira, Hamish, Alex and Kurt for being my models!

Please comment below - what do you think about these cool images?


  1. It. Looks funny
    From Keira

  2. Those are so creative! They look amazing!!

  3. It looks weird But its really creative Nice Job :)

  4. Those are so cool, am so awesome to have a buddy class like you guys.Your just like me, and you are so cool and funky.