Wednesday, 23 March 2016

WOW is an understatement!

These Creative Tasks have been amazing! Look at what Room 14 students have been up to at home this week... 

Elme created her very own volcano at home... How cool is this? We did an experiment today using red coloured Vinegar and baking soda and watched it fizz up instantly after we added to the two ingredients together. We had lots of squeals of delight as we watched the volcano erupt!

We have our very own Masterchef in Room 14... This week Amelia cooked for her WHOLE family. She cut up all the vegetables herself and put the chicken into the oven (with a little help from Mum of course :)
Amelia - how do you feeling about cooking for Miss Glen? That roast looked DELICIOUS!

Damon has created a super awesome board game - it must have taken a long time to create! It is called "Wolf Moutain"
Damon explained the instructions and a few of us even got to have a go playing it. 


  1. Amelia - your roast dinner was excellent - I cant wait for you to cook again!
    Love Mum

  2. Well done Room 14. Damon is very proud of his board game. I hope everyone has had as much fun playing it at school as we have had at home.

  3. Well done Room 14. Damon is very proud of his board game. I hope you have all had as much fun playing with it as we have at home.