Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Bully Free Week

This week is Bully Free week. 

In Room 14 we have talked about Random Acts of Kindness and what we can do this week to show someone we care!

Here is what Korben decided he could do to show kindness to someone else. I think his mum and dad will love receiving his notes... I wonder if he got around to doing the cleaning and breakfast?


  1. This is so precious Korbin and Miss Glen. Kindness is free but has such a huge impact. MsF.

  2. Great ideas Korban! I must say it must be rubbing off on Gabriel as he has been asking me how my day is and how I am every day after school.

  3. Good work Korben keep working on it.

  4. korben your work is amazing . Amelia B.