Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Pukeko Team Trip

Wow what an eventful day the Pukeko's had!

Today the Pukeko Team took a bus ride into New Market to attend an Art Exhibition. 
We began the day at the Auckland Domain and Room 14 headed up to the Museum to begin sketching it into our booklet. We then took a short bus trip down the road to the Art Gallery to look at the beautiful art work, we even found the illustrator Stephanie Thatcher's work for the Great Galloping Galoot! 
After our visit to the Art Gallery we went back to the Domain to look at the beautiful flowers and plants at the Winter Gardens. This was very cool!
Soon after, the weather packed in and we made our way up to the Museum for lunch and a wander around the exhibitions there. 

We certainly managed to pack a lot into one day! A special thank you to all our parent helpers and Miss Tate for helping us today, you were all wonderful and we really appreciated your support. Thank-you!
Miss G 


  1. Wow Miss Glen - you were very speedy getting that post up! It looks as though you had an amazing day!

  2. The museum was so awesome because in the AIR NEW ZEALAND room we got to paint our own plane and dress up as we work in the plane it was an amazing trip! THANKS MISS GLEN


  3. I really enjoyed the trip to the museum because we could sketch the museum building and went into the planes.


  4. I liked the museum because I went on two pretend planes. It was really fun, and they were both different. I also got to write Damon is cool on the whiteboard.

  5. I liked going to the museum because we went on the shaking volcano. It was cool and it shook me.

    Brody Roberts

  6. The trip was really fun and I love the coulers of the flowers in the winter Amelia F

  7. lucky you i went to india but not the museum (WHO LIKED IT?)